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Your floor, in our opinion, points the way to greater design. That is why we've made the most gorgeous, design-focused flooring blog on the internet as a result. We'll show you how your flooring and personal style can bring your home to life.

1. Interior Trends 2023


The year 2023 is expected to herald a new era of interior design trends. Following the recent gloom and doom, we are now eager to express vibrancy and joy via our homes.

Eco-friendliness and sustainability have been among the world's top priorities. This translates to interior fans as we witness the popularity of natural-inspired colour schemes and textures soar. Bright, expansive skies provide inspiration and give you a sense of freedom. We advise opening up your room with pastel walls and a light, bright floor to embrace this new spring style. A floor with a stone effect may be effective since the brilliant tones and nature inspired designs go well together.

Scandinavian-style wood has been a craze for the previous few years, but that is going to change. As we grow to value all things natural, rich, deep wood flooring will return. A real wood floor can add a touch of beauty and nature to your room, and as our wood floors are built to last, the associations with strength, durability, and longevity are extremely suitable. Your area will be completely transformed by a deep, distinctive wood floor.

The key trends for 2023 include the environment, wellness, and simplicity. Sanctuary-like settings have grown in popularity and are simple to reproduce with calming, subdued tones that encourage introspection. The concept "less is more" is widely accepted, and to create a contemporary creative atmosphere, painted archways or shapes are frequently used. Simple, sparkling clean floors can enhance a minimalist interior without drawing too much attention to themselves.

Playing around with textures can drastically alter your area and give it a fashionable air for this year. Consider textured pottery, macramé accessories, or perhaps a stunning new rug. Rugs are perfect because there are so many different textures, colours, and patterns to select from.

So those are the interior design concepts we think will be popular in 2023. Give us a try if you want to experiment with changing up your space. Additionally, our team of professionals is here to assist you if you have any questions.

2. What Risks Does My Flooring Have from Sunlight?


Any room can look and feel much different after having new flooring laid. The greatest approach to ensure that this lovely, fresh sensation lasts as long as possible is proper maintenance. Most people are aware of the effects that moving furniture and food stains can have on their floors, but many are unaware of the effects that sunlight may have. Therefore, we're talking about the various ways sunlight may cause your flooring to deteriorate in today's blog.

What Makes Sunlight a Threat?

UV Rays and temperature are the two main components of natural sunlight that damage flooring. It's not unusual to see that your wooden floor's once-rich brown tone has started to fade over time. When you rearrange furniture and recall how it originally looked, this becomes even more clear. To comprehend the effects of UV radiation and temperature, let's look at both of them.

UV Rays

Many flooring materials are photosensitive. Thus, they respond to sunlight. If subjected to constant exposure to natural sunlight, wood, carpet, and unprotected laminate can all experience colour changes.


Fluctuations in temperature lead natural materials to expand or contract, which is particularly dangerous for wood flooring. The boards' fibres are under pressure, which makes them appear older more quickly. Additionally, it implies that because portions change at varying rates and intensities, fitting concerns could develop.

How Can Floor Aging Be Reduced?

Over time, these changes are generally inevitable. There are a few things you may do to slow the process, however.
⟹ 1.   Apply your window coverings according to the sun's position. During the day, choose sheer textiles or UV-blocking materials to block out the majority of sunlight.

⟹ 2.   Move your furniture and turn your rugs frequently so that various areas are exposed or covered at different times.

⟹ 3.   Choose a UV-inhibiting coating for your wood and laminate floors.

If you're still worried about the effects of excessive sunlight in a specific room, Speak to us today. Once your new floor is installed, we'll advise you on how to best control the ageing process and assist you in choosing the most durable solution.

3. Living Room Flooring Ideas: From Wood to Vinyl


Your family spends most of their time in the living room, so you want to make sure that it has a floor that can withstand normal wear and tear and endure over time. This does not, however, imply that you should sacrifice style. If you're confused about living room flooring ideas and need some inspiration, we examine the greatest lounge floor ideas for each material, from wooden floors to tiles.

There are several flooring types, so experiment with the newest living room flooring trends. Here are some of our favourite flooring options for living rooms, ranging from tile to wood effect flooring.

Wood Floor Ideas

For the living room, wood appearance flooring is a very popular option, whether you choose laminate, vinyl, engineered wood, or solid wood. Depending on the finish or colour you select, this might produce an appearance that is either cool and modern or warm and inviting. Our favourite designs for living rooms with wooden floors come in a variety of tones and patterns.

Dark Wood Floors for Living Rooms

All forms of flooring, including laminate, vinyl, and solid wood, can provide the classic look of dark timber shades in a living room. Oak, walnut, and chestnut colours never go out of style and give your living space an air of luxury. Additionally, as previously said, these dark colours can help cover any stains or marks, making them perfect if you have young children.

Coloured Wood Floors

Colored wooden flooring is a popular choice in living rooms for more modern settings. For instance, there are numerous options for white, black, or grey wooden floors. You don't need to worry about matching your flooring to your furniture because these shades, while providing a stunning finish, are neutral enough to suit any current colour scheme.

However, even with solid wood flooring, you can choose a fresh colour if you tend to change your mind frequently. For example, you may sand down your floor and apply a new stain or varnish to complete it!

Parquet Living Room Floors

Your living room's decor is elevated to a whole new level with parquet. This historic, classic design has been in style for many years and will become even more popular in 2023. Parquet floors give your area depth and another patterned feature without making it appear overly busy or crowded. You can choose from classic herringbone, chic chevron, or even a distinctive Dutch design like the ones in our collection.

Tiled Living Room Floor Ideas

If you don't like the look of wood flooring, tile impression flooring is a popular choice for living rooms. This gives off a polished, stylish, and long-lasting appearance. For instance, tile impression flooring is available in vinyl, making it water-resistant and ideal for untidy houses. Vinyl floors with a tile impression are versatile and come in a variety of designs and colours.

Stone Effect Flooring

Stone floors are sometimes cold and unpleasant to walk on, but stone-appearance vinyl floors have been skillfully designed to mimic the texture of real stone without making your feet numbly cold every morning! Since open spaces are so hot right now, stone has become considerably more fashionable in the living room. Your area will appear larger and more opulent with stone-effect flooring. These floorings come in a variety of colours, from white marble selections to dark slate grey.

Black Tile Effect Flooring

Black flooring is always a good choice. Dark tile impression flooring is another well-liked alternative, much like the dark timber floors. Your living area will have a sleek, modern look thanks to black tiles that will never go out of style.

If you're still unsure about the ideal flooring for your living room or would like more guidance, feel free to get in touch with our team.

4. What to do with leftover samples & flooring


If you've ever bought flooring, you're probably aware that you almost always have leftovers, offcuts, or samples hanging around somewhere. Perhaps you still have the pallet that was left over from delivery.

What should You do with these leftovers? Don't worry; we've got some advice on how to recycle or reuse old flooring, samples, and packaging. The majority of the flooring is recyclable, so if you're not upcycling it, make sure you properly dispose of any leftover flooring.

Sample Coaster

Simple but effective!
The majority of our samples come in small squares that are perfect for using as coasters. Given that you don't need to add anything further, this is perhaps the simplest of all of them.

If you want to perfectly match your floor, you might utilise leftover pieces from it and cut them to size.

Coat Rack

If you have a large flooring offcut or leftover plank, just attach it to the wall by screwing in some hooks or hangers. By matching your new, affordable coat rack to your new carpeting, this is a terrific way to organise your hallway.

Pallet garden seating area

Why not spruce up your garden with some handmade outdoor furniture as summer draws near? You only need a drill, screws, and your preferred paint. Simply place two pallets on top of one another and attach a third pallet to the back to serve as a seat. You can expand this to a corner sofa or an outdoor sofa if you have more pallets. Without spending a lot of extra money, feel free to paint and add cushions to truly change your garden into a tranquil spot.

Drawer Liners

If you have any leftover vinyl flooring, it is a strong and long-lasting solution for lining your cabinets or drawers.

The impact resistance means that when you're in a hurry and you throw anything in your drawer, it won't damage as easily. It's a nice little touch, especially in a kitchen or bathroom.

Matching shelves

A strong engineered wood scrap can easily be turned into a matching shelf! Simply remove the grooves, paint the borders if desired, and fasten to the wall!

Although this project is quite simple, if you want to get truly inventive, consider making different-shaped shelves.

These are the top upcycling ideas we have for your old flooring. Have you ever tried one? Have any additional suggestions? Please feel free to leave a comment for us.