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The greatest advancement in flooring since sliced wood, in our opinion, is engineered flooring. Why? Engineered floorings are similar to solid wood in appearance and feel, but they may be installed in places where solid wood cannot, such as kitchens, basements, and conservatories. This was accomplished by the crafty individuals who created these floors by creating engineered flooring from several layers.

The fancy-looking portion is the top layer, which is a lovely veneer made of genuine wood. The most crucial decision to be made when picking your engineered floor is the part that you can feel and touch.

The ingenious part is in the second layer, which can be composed of plywood, HDF, or soft wood and is robust and supporting. All you need to know about how the three materials function is that they all stop the top layer from warping.

The next step is a stabilising back layer to complete the whole thing. The outcome? a floor that is gorgeous but doesn't sag in regions with shifting moisture levels.