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Of course, we care about our kids. But when you have a family, your floors get really beat up. Despite your insistence that children take their shoes off inside the house, they still manage to bring in a surprising amount of filth from spilt drinks to meals, toys being dragged, and muddy shoes. Fortunately, we provide a variety of luxurious-looking floors with durable characteristics here at flooring supplies, including vinyl, engineered wood, and waterproof laminate flooring.

What Kind of Flooring Is Safest for Kids?

Kids-friendly flooring alternatives are available from Flooring Supplies, including engineered wood, laminate, and vinyl, all of which include kid-friendly qualities. Find out which flooring options are best for your family home by reading our guide.

Engineered wood flooring

Making the appropriate flooring decisions for your family home is just as crucial as choosing the furniture. The ideal flooring option for family homes that are constantly subject to spills, muddy shoes, and grime is engineered wood flooring. When spaces become a touch too filthy, the engineered wood flooring's smooth, solid surface may be simple to keep and clean.

Laminate flooring

A fantastic alternative for families is laminate flooring. Children who suffer from allergies to things like dust, pollen, and animal hair won't notice the affects as much because the dust particles stay on the floor's surface, making it simpler to vacuum or dry mop. Our laminate floors come in a variety of designs and hues, which is ideal if you want to choose a darker flooring option because it readily conceals any stains or starches.

Flooring for Child-Friendly Rooms

No matter what room your child is in, you want to make sure they are in a secure atmosphere. Here, we go through the significance of putting in kid-friendly flooring in various spaces.

Best Flooring for Playrooms

It's crucial to pick the correct flooring to survive your child's daily playtime in a room full of soft toys, toy cars, and action figures. It is crucial to determine whether the flooring is sturdy, simple to clean, and secure for your youngster.

One of the most resilient flooring options for your child's playroom is laminate flooring. Selecting laminate flooring with a darker tone may help hide stains, dings, and scratches. Laminate flooring is a popular option for playroom areas because it is less expensive to replace than other flooring types. Make the playroom more colourful by adding a rug for your youngster.

However, if you live in a busy, high-traffic household, vinyl flooring is softer underfoot, incredibly stain resistant, and simple to clean. You can rest easy knowing that Flooring Supplies offers a variety of vinyl flooring options, whether you decide to go with a darker or lighter-toned floor covering.

The best flooring for a kid's room

While children's choices for their rooms tend to vary as they get older, keeping the flooring and walls simple allows them to experiment with colour while still keeping the space lighthearted and engaging.

Setting up a wooden floor in a child's bedroom creates a foundation for the room's decor. Wood floors are straightforward to maintain with a quick sweep or vacuum, so spills or stains aren't as much of an issue. Despite being subjected to denting or scratches over time, wooden flooring is extremely resilient and is renowned to last a lifetime. Your wooden floor may be made to look as good as new by sanding it down to restore its original beauty as it ages.

Vinyl flooring also meets numerous requirements for durability in a child's bedroom floor. Along with functionality, there are many different styles, patterns, and colours to pick from, enabling your child to develop their own secure haven.

Safe Kitchen Flooring for Children

It is crucial to ensure that your kitchen flooring is simple to maintain and free from stains, spills, and scratches. We are all aware that when we are eating dinner, our children tend to make a little bit more of a mess. Our vinyl flooring is the ideal option for kitchen flooring because it is softer than wood flooring and is simple to clean. Along with choosing the right flooring to protect our children and reduce the amount of time parents must spend cleaning up after them, the kitchen area must be free of any sharp-cornered furniture and sharp reachable objects.

Creating a Safe Space for Your Children

As a parent, you'll feel more secure if you can provide a secure environment where your kids may have fun without you worrying about their safety. This means it's crucial to pick a floor that will survive and can tolerate busy regions. With this in mind, there is a flooring type, style, and colour for everyone, no matter what type of flooring you choose.