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The Best Angle For Your Floor

After preparing the subfloor and obtaining the floor, you are now prepared to install it. You need to choose the optimal angle for your floor before we lay those planks down, though.

Only real wood or wood-effect boards should be seriously worried about board direction. The key factors influencing the appearance of your floor are the plank's form and the grain's direction.

When choosing a direction, two factors should be taken into account: the direction of light and the entrance of people. For instance, the floor should be placed from North to South if light enters the room through a large, main window on the South side of the room (and not East to West). If you lay your floor this way, the light will diffuse across the grain, highlighting the lovely intricacies.

However, it's possible that the light is diffuse and you won't have a clear idea of which way to lay your floor because of this. If so, we advise putting the boards lengthwise away from where most guests would enter and view the space. For instance, it makes sense for the planks to be laid East to West if you approach a kitchen from the West. Laying your floor this way will make it look very stunning and, perhaps, make your room appear larger than it actually is.

Of course, it's all a matter of taste, and there's nothing stopping you from placing your boards at a jaunty angle merely to make a statement, but these are the two basic strategies that both designers and floor specialists agree are best.