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An Introduction To Flooring Types

There are plenty of floors out there, and we understand that selecting the correct one can seem overwhelming. That’s why we’ve designed the simple, painless, and easiest guide for you!

The Room Compatibility Chart

First, let’s begin with the room you’re concealing. In approach, most floors can go in most rooms, but some require to be examined after more than others. To illustrate this, we’ve designed the grid below. Simply choose your room(s) and see which floors are most suitable for you!

Key: 1. Good to go!
2. Not recommended.
3. Not urged, except for Juncker floors.

Lacquered floors give more protection than oiled floors, but all spills should dry out as quickly as possible.
Mop up collapses quickly, or use one of our range of T-build waterproof laminates which deliver a fully waterproof laminate floor.
*The Ironbark range is suited for use with water-based under-floor heating. We do not suggest utilizing an electric under-floor heating system.

Our Range Of Floors

Not confident about which kind of flooring is right for you? Read our guides to understand the main differences between each type of flooring.

Solid Wood Floors

Solid wood flooring is cut from a single, attractive piece of timber. This makes for a purified, simple and genuine wooden floor. Because of their sharpness to moisture and heat, they aren't appropriate for every room but, given their capability to be sanded many times, they can survive for generations.

Engineered Wood Floors

Engineered wood flooring is built of layers. The top layer is a veneer of solid wood which gives you that genuine glimpse and sense. The other layers are designed to resist shifts in moisture and heat, which means you can apply these floors in nearly any room.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring looks just like real wood or stone, but the painting you see is a photo. This means that they can come in a broad range of visually attractive designs which can be shaped as planks or tiles. These floors are highly resistant to splashes and scrapes which makes them exceptionally versatile.

Parquet Floors

Parquet flooring is built from tiny blocks of solid or engineered wood which can be placed in attractive designs. Parquet is the alternative for country homes, lavish entrances, and any room where you want to remark. It’s the preference of the design-conscious.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Our vinyl flooring arrives in the form of thick, luxury tiles. They are super hard and fully waterproof, meaning they can be applied in any room in the place. Like laminate, the top layer is a photo, offering you a vast option over the glimpse and style of your floor.