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Quickstep Muse, our newest line of laminate flooring!

Quickstep Muse, our newest line of laminate flooring!

We're excited to announce Quickstep Muse, our newest line of laminate flooring.

With this collection, Quickstep has blended the benefits of a Quickstep laminate with the beauty and natural textures of stone, slate, and concrete to create a variety of gorgeous and realistic-looking floors.

The Belgian bluestone quarry, which dates back more than 400 million years, served as an inspiration to Quickstep's designers. They examined the stone's microscopic chalk fragments, shells, and fossils, which all had an impact on their Muse portfolio.

They have been able to accurately replicate the contrast and intensity of actual stone tiles thanks to their cutting-edge colour technology. It appears and feels like the real thing because of the superior honed surface that fits the tile's design.

What separates Quickstep Muse from a true stone floor then? There's no need to worry about having cold feet in the morning because Muse is warm to the touch. Additionally, they have the renowned Uniclic installation technique, which makes DIY installation simple and saves you money on pricy tile laying.

Regarding installation, five of the decors give you the option of a cross-installation pattern or a half-stone installation, allowing you more creative freedom when designing your laminate floor that is inspired by stone.

Three bluestone, six concrete, and two slate decors are among the range's 11 distinctive styles. With flowers and leaves incorporated into the stone design, the Botanic Concrete offers a distinctly unique aesthetic. Alternatively, the Grey Slate is a great option if you like the traditional aesthetic of slate.

Bevelled edges are used in every pattern to help distinguish each tile. They are 100% water resistant and have Quickstep's scratch shield technology applied, making them a fantastic option for flooring in the kitchen or bathroom. You can be confident that these floors are tough and designed to handle common spills and mishaps as with any laminate from Quickstep. It looks like stone yet feels like home, and that is Quickstep Muse!